TL;DR We have been in the commercial coffee delivery business in Colorado since the late ’90. Our customers often ask us if a high-quality office service coffee will help the bottom line?  Newsflash! The answer is yes!

Coffee and Mental Focus

After World War II a new workplace began to emerge. The concept of a “coffee break” started to take hold as a way for employees to circle up to talk casually and candidly about the affairs of the day.

For decades, Foldgers told us that it’s the “Best part of waking up.” But does coffee actually have an impact on the productivity of Colorado employees?

Recent studies have shown that a coffee service at your business, both in Colorado around the country is, indeed, helping employees improve their mental focus.

Let’s see how an office coffee service improves productivity.

How Coffee Improves Mental Focus

Let’s start with the main one. How exactly does coffee, and more specifically caffeine, affect your brain?

Caffeine stimulates areas in the pre-frontal lobe which deal with planning, attention, monitoring, and concentration. But “stimulate” might be a bit of misnomer.

What caffeine is actually doing is blocking adenosine. Adenosine is produced every time your neurons fire during the day. The longer your neurons are firing, the more adenosine is produced.

More adenosine causes your nervous system to slowly and steadily take a back seat and quiet down. Adenosine eventually puts you to sleep.

When you introduce caffeine, it blocks the A1 receptors ability to receive the adenosine in your brain. Essentially, caffeine is acting as the bouncer to keep the party going.

For the Smell of Coffee

Ever wonder why some people’s eyes light up when they take a big whiff of their fresh brewed coffee? Well, there’s something to that.

The aroma of coffee has been shown to have beneficial effects.

If your employees are fatigued due to sleep deprivation the smell of coffee can lift their brain activity. Certain proteins in the brain are raised which has an anti-oxidant effect.

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So when your Colorado employees start flocking to the break room in search of that aroma, you’ll know why. It’s biological!

An Office Coffee Service Improves Employee Relations

As mentioned above, the coffee break culture developed in the mid-20th Century and has become a mainstay of the workplace. Why? Because it works!

colorado springs coffee service

study at MIT sought to show the benefits of group coffee breaks, not just the effects on the individual.

Employees taking coffee breaks in groups are able to decompress and speak about personal and business-related things. This caused a bump in each individual’s performance at work.

In group strategy or team settings, the presence of an office coffee service at the meeting location improved the overall focus of the meeting and provided better arguments.

Simply put, coffee gives that extra push to help focus the group’s efforts.

Beans for Brains

Coffee has, and will, continue to be the lifeblood of the Colorado office. A high-quality office coffee service gives your workforce a reason to gather and exchange ideas in a casual and comforting environment.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a tailored plan on how to build your own office coffee service for success. Your customized coffee experience starts here and your employees will enjoy better mental focus in an invigorated workplace.

Colorado Employees Love Good Coffee

Today’s Colorado employees want great coffee individually brewed by the cup just for them. Often we find that the businesses that employees love the offer in house coffee brewers and espresso makers that rival finest coffee shops.

Not only does coffee make employees more focused, but great tasting coffee also makes employees happy and more satisfied with their place of employment.

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