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Break Rooms That Don’t Suck

Today’s breakrooms are the social epicenters of a business

We’ve been providing breakroom services in Colorado Springs since the 1990s and we understand that employees are happier and more productive when the interact with each other.  With the increasing opportunities to communicate digitally, the chances to speak with coworkers face to face are dwindling.

But how do you create the ideal break room for employees that nurtures real interaction, satisfaction, and productivity?

Reward your employees every day with a well-stocked breakroom

Thriving Colorado Springs companies like yours spend a great deal of time recruiting and training the best talent available. You can help protect this investment by offering your employees a breakroom stocked with a variety of high-quality refreshments.

Colorado Pure offers a complete “hands-off” Colorado Springs office coffee service and break room refreshments solutions that allow you to focus on your core business while we worry about keeping your break room stocked with all the best coffee, teas, creamers, filtered water, ice machines and snacks that make your break room a huge hit.

Secrets to great break room services

A key component of any happy Colorado Springs business is a well-stocked break room. Whether you’re the office or facilities manager, the owner or assistant, you can count on Colorado Pure to help you provide the perfect break room services you need to satisfy your employees and visitors.

Coffee – Single-cup or batch-brewed?

Choosing the optimal coffee solution for your business depends on how many guests or employees you need to serve, how much brewed-beverage variety you want to offer and your budget.

Single-cup brewers and k-cups offer quick convenience, variety, and personalization when brewing a cup of fresh and delicious hot coffee. With batch brewers, you can brew and serve larger quantities of freshly brewed coffee while economically serving a variety of different roasts and flavors in carafes, air pots or traditional glass pots.

Need help deciding? We’ve been doing this for 20 years and can offer great advice tailored to your needs and industry.

Beverages – How much variety to offer?

Colorado Pure offers you a full lineup of refreshment options including hot and ice tea, hot chocolate, filtered and bottled water, and flavored carbonated cold drinks to satisfy your employees’ and guests. How much variety to offer is often the biggest decision you will need to make.  This will depend on how much space your have, the number of people you are serving and of course your budget.

How much variety to offer is often the biggest decision you will need to make.  This will depend on how much space your have, the number of people you are serving and of course your budget. Call us for a free consultation and discover new ideas and options you might not be aware of.

The Ice Maker – Employees Love Fresh Ice

One often overlooked feature of the office break room is the ice maker.  Our break room services include a wide selection of office ice maker styles, sizes and prices.

Scoop style ice makers – which come across as unremarkable in 2017 – can introduce millions of bacteria into the ice, leaving the potential to spread sickness. Who can afford to have all their employees off for sick leave at the same time?  Freezer ice – even less impressive – can become freezer burned, leaving an unappealing flavor. You have to completely empty the tray which is a hassle.

We offer sleek, attractive ice makers that create exceptional ice with sanitary dispensing. Our ice and water combo options give your employees instant access to ice-cold, refreshing filtered water. We carry both countertop and freestanding models to suit any size break room from large corporate offices to small business wait rooms.

Four steps for creating the ideal break room

Why settle for a mediocre break room when you can give your employees and visitors a break room they will truly love and appreciate.  Here are the easy steps to an awesome break room.

  1. Contact Us – Start by scheduling a FREE on-site visit.
  2. On-site Assessment – We’ll visit your business, learn about your needs, take measurements, share our catalogs of product and equipment, and plan a custom break room for you.
  3. Get a Quote – We’ll send out a customized break room services quote for your business size and needs.
  4. Setup and Enjoy – Get in our schedule for exceptional refreshment and break room services for your Colorado Springs business.

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