A Commercial Coffee Service can Add Value, Quality, and Productivity to Your Colorado Springs Workplace

“Why should my business use a commercial coffee service if we can just purchase the equipment and coffee ourselves?”

That is a question we hear a lot at Colorado Pure, the Front Range’s premier locally owned office coffee distributor. After all, we live in a DIY world where paying someone for something you can do on your own seems, on the surface, to make little sense. But that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to maintaining a high-functioning office or productive workplace.

And make no mistake, high-quality coffee, brewed on equipment that brings out the best in that coffee provides an indispensable element of a happy workforce and visitors. If you don’t think so, see what happens when you leave your breakroom or reception without coffee, or with bitter, subpar beans, for just one day. The pitchforks will be out soon enough.

But even Colorado businesses and offices that buy good coffee fall into a common trap when it comes to the equipment that determines whether the coffee will taste as it’s supposed to or is even drinkable. Avoiding that trap proves just one of the ways that a commercial coffee service can ensure that you and your employees get a great cup of coffee whenever they want one while also saving your company money and time.

Here are three benefits of a Colorado Springs/Denver commercial coffee service to take into account if you’re considering buying your own coffee making equipment instead.

You Don’t Pay For The Equipment with Commercial Coffee Services

High-quality, high-volume coffee equipment costs a lot more than what most folks keep in their home. But when you retain Colorado Pure to provide your commercial coffee service, you’ll get top-of-the-line equipment best suited to your needs for no cost.

We include our full range of commercial coffee machines and brewers in the cost of our monthly coffee service. That means there’s minimal expense involved in paying for your equipment. The cost of our office beverage service depends on the type of equipment you want, how much coffee and related supplies your office uses, and whether you need additional items such as cups, lids, stirrers, filters, milk or creamers, and sweeteners.

At Colorado Pure, we provide free, in-office consultations so we can determine the exact cost of commercial coffee service for your business based on your needs and priorities.

Consistent and Reliable Cleaning and Maintenance

Busy office managers and employees have plenty on their hands on any given day, and cleaning the coffee maker is far down on the to-do list, so far down that it never actually gets done. But if you don’t clean and decalcify a busy coffee brewer regularly, the quality of the coffee that goes into the machine won’t matter all that much. Hard water buildup and mineral deposits common to Colorado water can leave coffee tasting bitter and funky.

Worse than that, mold and bacteria can grow in the reservoir and other parts of the machine. Bad coffee is one thing. Coffee that makes you sick is quite another.

With our commercial coffee service, you will ensure that your equipment performs at its peak and delivers fresh, aromatic coffee every day of every week.

Coffee as Great as Your Business

The coffee you serve to your Colorado employees and guests reflects on your company’s culture. If you hand a cup of bland, tasteless, or bitter coffee to someone visiting your workplace or business, you may as well offer them a seat on your floor instead of a chair.

Additionally, if your workforce can’t get good coffee without leaving your office, they will leave your office to get good coffee. That means more trips and breaks and less productivity.

At Colorado Pure, we only deliver the best coffee and the most popular brands to our customers. With our commercial coffee service, employees and visitors will have a host of options, all of exceptional quality. We restock and resupply with unmatched consistency and frequency, so an outstanding cup of coffee will always be only a hallway away.

Up Your Coffee and Breakroom Game With Colorado Springs’ Premier Commercial Coffee Service

Family-owned since 1996, Colorado Pure is dedicated to your satisfaction, from helping you choose the right equipment and coffee through keeping your break room regularly restocked and maintained.

Contact one of our Colorado Springs or Denver coffee distribution specialists today to schedule an in-office consultation. We’ll come by your office, show you our large selection of coffee equipment and supplies, help you choose the right products to suit your needs, and get you a reliable and accurate quote.

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