A new year calls for a new variety of office break room refreshments in your workplace. Offering fresh options in the office breakroom is a welcome change that employees and employers alike will get on board with.

The Colorado Springs and Denver high altitudes and dry winters make hydration important not just at home, but at work too. A wide selection of office breakroom refreshments creates an atmosphere of health and happiness among employees throughout your business.

Employees in 2018 crave variety in the breakroom

Beyond the essentials of coffee and water, Colorado businesses are seeking to offer a larger array of products in the office refreshment service found in their breakrooms.

In our role as one of the best Colorado Springs & Denver office coffee distributors, we understand the challenge of stocking an office breakroom with beverages and snacks that will please everyone.

Staying on top of the trends helps the search to provide the right breakroom refreshments for your Colorado business.

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5 refreshing ideas to energize your office break room refreshment options

Natural energy drinks

These trendy energy drinks meet the demand of a hectic lifestyle of individuals on the go.

Energy drinks come in ready to go single-serve bottles or as a powder. Individually measured powder or powder added from a larger canister size is a convenient option for your office break rooms.

Natural energy drinks typically come in flavors that enhance the beverage. They offer a quick boost for clarity and energy. Natural energy drinks aid employees in an intense workday of meetings or a fast-paced environment.

Flavored water

Flavored water is popular because it is healthy, simple, and refreshing. Flavoring adds variety throughout the day, with a touch of sweetness.

Health conscious employees and athletic-minded employees are quick to grab water with added flavoring.

Flavored water comes in regular bottles of water and in carbonated varieties.

Protein-based drinks

Protein drinks are a quick go to for many individuals. They supplement their snacking or quick meals.

Many protein drinks also meet the nutritional requirement as a meal replacement.

Protein drinks are often whey or plant-based, meeting the dietary needs of a large spectrum of employees. They keep employees full longer and boost their productivity.

Manufacturers make it easy for hardworking individuals to grab ready-made, individual servings in bottles.

Bulk containers of protein powders are often cheaper and more convenient for office break rooms to have on hand for employees to mix on their own.

Naturally brewed teas

Tea is a popular alternative to coffee and sugary drinks for office break room refreshment.

Teas are a refreshing beverage no matter the weather or season. Serving teas either hot or cold is an individual preference option.

A natural brew accounts for a more naturally sweet tea that is full of flavor. It won’t impact weight and health as much as a sweetened tea.

Many employers offer a range of choices of naturally brewed teas from traditional green tea and black tea to the more exotic flavors of hibiscus tea or ginger tea.

Carbonated drinks

Soda pop is a longstanding go-to beverage for business break room refreshment. What makes today’s carbonated choices different from 20 years ago is that manufacturers and distributors are more health conscious.

As consumers, and employers, look out for the health of the individual employee and business, soft drink companies have met the demand for healthier options.

Artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners replace the products from before. Many more low calorie and fewer ingredient carbonated drinks line the shelves of the grocery stores. These options are in break rooms as part of a company’s office refreshment service.

Businesses use this opportunity to also support locally owned businesses by offering a unique twist on carbonated beverages, stocking craft brewed sodas. This alternative supports the Colorado small business market while offering a fun selection of break room refreshments while at work.


Making the right choice for your business’ breakroom refreshment services impacts the health and happiness of all involved. Appeal to the variety of employees with a variety of beverage options.

Employers and employees look to stay health conscious, cutting down on health issues and time is taken away from work by sick days.

Healthy employees create a workforce of happiness that increases productivity. This year add perks to your office break room refreshment services with new options for your employees to select from.

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