Coloradans love coffee and they love quality office breakroom coffee makers.

Employers in Colorado Springs all know offering a quality office breakroom coffee service is important to their employee’s happiness and their productivity.

Starting the day with a daily ritual of a fresh, great tasting cup of coffee keeps employees and guests happy and content.

What better way to get ready for a busy day than with a freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee?

But what is the best type of coffee maker for your company culture and employee preferences? Keep reading for info on the five types of office coffee makers popular in 2018.

What is the best office breakroom coffee maker for your company?

Employees and visitors to the office will appreciate a tasty fresh-brewed cup of coffee.

Employers looking for the latest and best ways to improve office culture can find it by choosing an office breakroom coffee service that is both easy and affordable.

A wide choice of coffee makers is available to make many various types of coffee with ease.

The wide range of coffee maker types and options may overwhelm you at first. Finding a machine that will fit the needs of your employees is a worthwhile investment.

You’ll want a coffee machine that is durable and that you won’t outgrow too soon. Knowing how many coffee drinkers are in your office will help in determining your needs. How integral is coffee in the routine and culture of your office?

Providing coffee in meetings and throughout the day may impact the size and type of coffee maker you end up purchasing for your breakroom.

The 5 most popular types of office breakroom coffee makers

Colorado residents love to have a choice when it comes to coffee.  Finding the right coffee maker for a Colorado breakroom coffee service boils down to five categories of brewers, described below.

The needs of your employees and your office habits will become apparent as you consider the pros and cons of the coffee makers available.

Single cup coffee makers

Single cup coffee makers have taken over as all the rage the last few years. This is because coffee lovers enjoy making a cup of coffee to their exact specifications.

Single cup coffee makers provide the ability for each individual user to choose a pre-packaged pod they insert into the machine. With the push of a button, the machine opens the pod and runs hot water through it into a mug.

Employees and visitor make what they want, with no waste. Clean up is easy. On the flipside, the brand of the coffee machine may limit the options of pods available to you.

Cost is a factor as the price per cup of coffee can be expensive with single cup makers.

Bean to cup coffee makers

Bean to cup machines grind the coffee beans for you, a characteristic that sets these machines apart from their counterparts.

Push a button and the machine grinds the coffee, dispenses hot water over the grounds, and delivers the coffee into the user’s waiting cup.

Although it may cost more, purchasing a machine with a good grinder will make a large difference in the taste of the coffee. A consistent grind will yield a favorable cup of coffee.

Freshly brewed coffee is a major perk for many coffee lovers. To have an even grind, it may take extra maintenance to keep the grinding mechanisms optimized for maximum coffee flavor.

Airpot coffee makers

Airpot or thermal carafe coffee brewers are similar to the well known traditional drip coffee makers, but with improvements.

They brew straight into a thermal carafe, allowing for hot liquids to stay hot and fresh for hours. The flavor of the coffee is better preserved and there is no overcooking or risk of a bitter, scalded taste.

By brewing straight into the airpot, you can carry the airpot and the coffee into meetings, presentations, etc. You and your employees can have coffee where and when you need it.

Espresso coffee makers

Espresso makers deliver a bold cup of coffee that has become popular around the world. Most machines can brew both light and dark roasts of any coffee grounds. Espresso coffee makers vary from value-priced choices to top of the line machines.

When considering an espresso machine, you’ll want a machine that allows you to choose both the size of the coffee and the strength of the brew.

You’ll also want to consider the ease of use and maintenance. Many espresso machine models can make separate shots or double shots and are also programmable.

Traditional coffee makers

Traditional style decanter brewers are still popular. This drip-style coffee maker is easy to use and often very inexpensive. All they require is a filter with your preferred coffee grounds, the reservoir filled with water, and then with a push of a button, a hot pot of coffee will be ready in mere minutes.

Most traditional coffee makers allow for flexibility in making anywhere from one cup to 12 cups of coffee at a time, meeting the needs of smaller groups of employees.

Many also feature programmable settings, so you can set it to brew coffee when you need it. The most common complaints with this style of coffee maker are that it doesn’t keep the coffee as fresh or deliver as consistent tasting coffee as other coffee makers do.

Quality coffee is an investment, not a cost

Of all the office perks provided by an employer, the employees and visitors will use the office coffee maker daily from the moment the work day begins to the close of business.

Increasing an office culture of productivity and teamwork is necessary to a successful business. Selecting the perfect coffee breakroom service for your Colorado Springs/Denver area office will be an affordable investment you can rely on for years to come.

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