Drinking coffee at work is a lifeline that keeps many Coloradans focused and productive in the office. But while all of us who rely on coffee every morning take these advantages for granted, the real reasons why employees love to drink coffee while on the job may surprise you. Whether you are considering introducing a coffee station or upgrading to a full cafe in your office, these top 6 reasons your employees love coffee at work will help you decide.

Coffee is Part of Their Morning Routine

Do you remember the coffee ads that boasted coffee is “the best part of waking up?” If your employees drink coffee as soon as they wake up, they are likely accustomed to this morning routine and having coffee at work can help them transition from home to work more smoothly.

Providing your employees with high-quality coffee ensures they can continue their daily habit of drinking coffee without spending extra money or spending time waiting in line at the coffee shop.

Coffee Stations Are the New Water Cooler

Coffee is a social drink and an excellent way to bond with your colleagues and create a more relaxed workplace atmosphere. Chatting over a cup of coffee in the morning is a great equalizer between managers and employees. Asking how a co-worker’s night was or what they plan to do this weekend shows personal interest in their lives outside of work and is an excellent way for employers to promote having a friend at work.

Whether you’re trying to get your team more involved with each other or you want to increase positive collaboration, a coffee break is a great way to achieve this. If your work environment encourages you to talk freely with your colleagues, you should try to have a “coffee break” at least once a week. You can encourage your team to form stronger bonds with one another and discuss ideas or concerns that might otherwise be kept under wraps.

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Having Coffee at Work Breaks Up the Day

Coffee breaks are so-named for a reason. Looking forward to a break from the computer and the hustle and bustle of the office to get a cup of coffee can make a long day more bearable. If you notice that your employees are becoming more stressed or tired as the day progresses, you can encourage them to take a five-minute break in their break room.

The promise of a coffee break may give even the most mundane tasks more importance and motivate you to get through the day.

Coffee Provides Health Benefits

There are various positive effects of coffee on our bodies, but one of the more important ones would be its ability to increase our energy levels and improve our motivation and productivity. This means that if you provide coffee in your office, your employees will be able to stay more motivated for longer, which will help them to finish their tasks more quickly.

Coffee can also help you manage stress, so it’s a great drink to have in the office if you’re dealing with a stressful situation.

drink coffee at work to help with painIn addition, recent studies have shown that drinking coffee at work can relieve pain from repetitive stress injuries caused by long hours at a computer. One such study showed that “Subjects who had consumed coffee before starting a pain provoking office work task exhibited attenuated pain development compared with the subjects who had abstained from coffee intake.“

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Employees Love Coffee at Work Because There are More Options

Even with the popularity of k-cup coffee makers for home, many employees look forward to having a cup of coffee at work because of the greater variety of roasts, flavors and decaffeinated options available.

You can allow your employees to choose their favorite type of coffee, or you can serve decaf and flavored coffee to customers who need caffeine-free beverages. Allowing people to choose their own drink can help them feel more invested in the coffee break experience. Choosing the right coffee machine can also help you set a more relaxed atmosphere. For example, espresso machines are often relatively quiet, while some coffee machines can be quite loud. Quieter coffee machines can help set a more relaxed mood in your office.

Coffee Service Lets Your Employees Know You Care

Providing employees with a variety of coffee and beverage options is a great way to show your employees that you care about them and value their contributions to your company. And when an employee feels that they matter, they will be more likely to stick around. In today’s competitive hiring environment, that is a benefit all Colorado businesses can appreciate!


Employees love coffee at work because it helps them enjoy their work more. Coffee is a social drink that can help foster better communication and collaboration between your employees and can also be used to boost energy and motivation to get through a busy day at work.

Providing your employees with coffee does not have to be complicated. Colorado Pure offers office coffee machine service and delivery and a wide variety of break room solutions customized to your employees’ needs.

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