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Commercial Coffee Machine Supplies for Offices and Business

Locally owned and family managed, Colorado Pure provides the best commercial coffee machine supplies and services to business in Colorado Springs, Denver and entire Front Range.  Established in 1997 in Colorado Springs, we provide sales, supply, maintenance and emergency support for commercial coffee machines of all shapes and sizes.

If you want the latest in modern commercial coffee brewing equipment and products then you are in the right place.  We sell and service today’s most popular break room and reception coffee making equipment that brews coffee and hot drinks your employees, clients and visitors will absolutely love.

Below is a sample of our most popular commercial coffee machines and brewers loved by our Colorado business customers.

Office Coffee Machines & Brewers

Why Choose Our Coffee Service

  • Roasted fresh in Colorado

  • Single origins and organic coffee beans available

  • Lower roasting temps for a more even profile

  • Open-Air process eliminates smokey or burnt aftertaste

  • Custom Blends


What is the cost of a commerical coffee machine?

Our commercial coffee machines are included with the monthly coffee service so there is no big expense to purchase and maintain your own equipment.   You pay for the monthly service which includes the equipment, supplies, maintenance, etc.  The cost of the service depends on the type of equipment and the usage​ of ​supplies.  You can easily find out the cost by contacting us for a free commercial coffee service quote.

What does Bean-to-Cup mean?

Bean-to-cup means you enjoy an exceptionally fresh cup of coffee.  A bean-to-cup coffee machine grinds the coffee beans at the touch of a button. Most of our bean-to-cup office coffee machines offer a range of coffee blends and espresso drinks in a variety of sizes and strengths.

Our office coffee sucks, how can you fix that?

Your problem is essentially why we started Colorado Pure. We love coffee but not just any old crappy coffee, we love coffee that tastes great.  Typical office coffee is weak and bland tasting.  The coffee we sell is organically grown coffee, freshly roasted by Elevation Coffee Traders in Englewood, Colorado.  Elevation is obsessed with producing the best coffee in Colorado.   Click to visit the Elevation Coffee Traders website to learn more.

Do you support multiple location businesses?

Yes! Colorado Pure offers one stop commercial coffee supply for handling your multiple location business. If you are a facility manager overseeing multiple locations in Colorado we are just what you need. We can handle all of your office, break room and receptions area coffee supply and repair needs. Contact us for a free quote.


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