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Purified Water Dispensers for Offices and Business

Searching for purified water displenser services in Colorado Springs or Denver metro areas?  Colorado Pure is a locally owned and family managed commercial beverage distributor in Colorado Springs that specializes in the supply and maintenance of bottleless, purified water displensers for offices, break rooms and receptions.  Established in 1997, we provide sales, supply, maintenance and emergency support for commercial coffee machines of all shapes and sizes.

Colorado Pure bottle free water dispensers and coolers are connect to your office water supply by our certified technicians. Each purified water dispenser delivered fresh tasting chilled or hot water on demand, whenever you need it.

We sell and service a wide-range of modern popular break room and reception water purification dispensers that your employees, clients and visitors will absolutely love.

Below is a sample of our most popular water pufification dispensers loved by our Colorado business customers. Contact us to speak with a water expert and receive the best advice on bottle free water dispensers in Colorado.

Water Purification Dispensers

Why Choose Our Water Purification Dispenser Service?

  • We install and service dozens of makes and models of water purifications dispensers from countertop to high capacity systems for larger offices
  • Ergonomic and stylish designs
  • Variety of space maximizing models
  • Models with built-in ice makers available
  • Choice of leasing or purchasing your dispensers
  • If you lease, we handle all equipment maintenance and repair


What is the cost of a water purification dispenser for commerical office and break room use?

We offer a range of water purification dispensers that meet the needs and budgets of all businesses. The cost of your water dispenser services varies depending greatly depending on features and capacities of the water dispensers you need.   We recommend you contact us to get an accurate cost estimate based on your situation.

What does reverse osmosis (RO) mean?
Our office tap water sucks, how can you fix that?

We supply and service a wide range of water purification dispensers and coolers and our Colorado water experts can provide a solution to the water needs of your workplace and the local water conditions.  We schedule regular maintenance and quality assurance service to ensure the best operation and sanitation of the bottleless water coolers to ensure they deliver refreshing, quality water.

Do you support multiple location businesses?

Yes! Colorado Pure offers one stop commercial coffee supply for handling your multiple location business. If you are a facility manager overseeing multiple locations in Colorado we are just what you need. We can handle all of your office, break room and receptions area coffee supply and repair needs. Contact us for a free quote.


Why choose a purified water dispenser for an office break room?

Here are the advantages of a point-of-use water purification dispenser vs bottled water delivery for your business:

  • Depending on your usages, you will save money over time as the cost of scheduled bottled water delivery can become more expenseive that bottleless water dispensers.
  • You won’t have to put up with the hassle of changing a 40 lb. water bottle since the water is made fresh at the point of use connects to your water line.
  • Less space is needed for a water purification dispenser because the dispensers are compact your there are no bulky water bottles to store.


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