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Proper Hydration = Productivity

It’s true. When people properly manage their hydration they can operate at peak efficiency. The trivial cost of providing coffee and water service to your staff is more than paid back in increased productivity.

There are two things our bodies need above all in order to function. First and foremost we need oxygen. Without that it could be over for us in just a few minutes, since oxygen plays a role in virtually every function of our bodies.

Second on the list is water. Since our bodies are in the neighborhood of 60% water you might think having an extra quart, either plus or minus, wouldn’t matter much, but in truth our bodies are in a state of homeostasis or balance that they work very hard to maintain.


Too Little or Too Much

With insufficient water the sodium electrolyte in our blood becomes more concentrated (hypernatremia) which can cause brain cell shrinkage and consequent brain damage. Our blood thickens, doesn’t flow as well, and delivers less oxygen everywhere in our body, which can make us feel tired and worn out. Without enough water we lose the cushioning effect in our joints; the body has difficulty removing toxins from our soft tissues; we can’t digest or absorb the nutrients from food.

On the other hand, too much water can dilute the sodium electrolyte (hyponatremia) and our cells begin to take up more water which causes them to swell (edema). The symptoms can be mild, or all the way up to life threatening, including vomiting, unconsciousness, or coma.

peeWater is Vital

You do need to ingest a certain amount of water every day. But it’s a personal number and it will change based on your level of activity. How do you tell if you’re having enough water? This handy chart tells you what color your urine ought to be when you’re healthy and hydrated. If you’re 1, 2, or 3 you’re just fine. But it is even easier than that…

Cracking Open Water Myths

#1 Thirst

Thirst, despite what you may have heard, is an excellent indicator that it is time to take a drink. You get thirsty when the sodium concentration in your blood rises by 2%. You are not medically recognized as being dehydrated until the sodium concentration in your blood rises by 5%. Don’t drink before you’re thirsty. That’s a myth.

All the living things on Earth have not survived because they knew to drink eight glasses of 8 ounces of water every day. We all evolved a signaling system (thirst) to warn us before we became dehydrated.

#2 The 8×8 Rule

The so-called “rule” about drinking “eight glasses of 8 ounces of water every day” is only popular because it’s easy to remember. In truth recommendations actually go from 4 to 13+ glasses of water/day depending on your body size, your level of activity, your age, and your gender.

#3 Water is the only thing that counts 

Furthermore that rule doesn’t account for the fact that food supplies about 20% of your daily water requirement. Tuna and most meats are about 60% water; eggs are about 75% water, along with most fruits and vegetables that are 80% water, and the watermelon, which is 90% water.

#4 The water source doesn’t matter

Whether your water comes in the form of food, coffee, chewing on ice cubes, or pure drinking water makes absolutely no difference. If you put water in your body in any form, your body is smart enough to render that water to help run all its internal systems.

The Exception

People engaging in strenuous sports for a long period of time (such as a marathon) need to stay hydrated. They often drink too much and gain weight. These people are the most likely to suffer from hyponatremia.

Instead, it is better to consume sport-drinks, such as Gatorade™ with electrolyte replacements instead of plain water. If you’d rather drink pure filtered water after exercise, that’s just fine. Just add a pinch of salt to your water bottle. You won’t even be able to taste it, but your body will appreciate it.

The Takeaway

Trust your body. Always drink when you’re thirsty, and don’t drink when you’re not. Colorado Pure can provide clean, healthful water, ice, and coffee for your office. Make sure you get exactly what you need every day. It is your ticket to good health.

Give us a call today at (719) 633-6887 and let’s make sure that you have exactly what your office needs for maximum employee satisfaction and peak productivity.

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