Water Purification System in Colorado Springs

Why do Colorado homeowners and businesses love the WellSys Water Purification Systems so much? Well, it is definitely a Go Green product. On average everyone from retiree to a newborn in the U.S. uses 167 plastic water bottles per year, but only recycles 38 of them. That’s an awful record. 

Using bottled water can be convenient and sometimes necessary, like during natural disasters or in instances of tainted tap water. There’s a significant difference in cost depending on the source of the recommended amount of water every day. From the tap, it would cost 49¢ per person annually, whereas in the bottled form it would cost you $1,400 annually. Is bottled water really worth paying 2,857% more to you?

As an employer offering Colorado Springs office refreshment solutions to your employees via disposable bottles, you could save thousands per year. You could supply as many eco-friendly, phthalate-free, non-BPA, and permanent water bottles as needed for all your employees, maybe even with a company logo, and still come out far ahead of the game.

Water Purification Systems for Colorado

If your water source (whether it’s municipal, or a well) tastes funny to you, that doesn’t render it unusable. Municipal water in Colorado is regulated by the EPA and must adhere to specific standards. They require repeated bacterial testing all day long, and the analysis reports, which are freely available to the public. Even if it does have a taste, at least you know it’s safe.

And that is where WellSys Water Purification Systems enter the picture. Every one of their products features a nine-stage purification process.  This eliminates particulates in the water as well as any peculiar odors or flavors. This is accomplished through either ultrafine purification or highly sophisticated reverse osmosis. The water is sterile at this point.

The process is so thorough that it removes the naturally occurring nutrients from the water, which would result in the water tasting rather flat or bland. This is corrected by adding those nutrients back in, as the last stage of the filtration process. It is then rebalanced, correcting the pH of the water, making it slightly alkaline, which is what we humans find to be ideal.

Water Plus

The WellSys Water Purification System actually provides water that is better than most bottled waters. Remember, a large part of the bottled water market is controlled by Coke™ who sells Dasani™ and Pepsi™ who sells Aquafina™. Like most other bottled water producers, they don’t own any magical streams or pristine glaciers. They filter & purify municipal tap water, just like you already have in your home or office!

Travel Tip

This is why it is always recommended to drink bottled or canned name-brand soda pop when traveling in areas that may have less than perfect water. International beverage companies use sophisticated filtration techniques to remove anything that might create any flavors. They count on their product being exactly the same everywhere. Soda is almost always safer and cleaner than the local water supply!


Unfortunately, our society has gotten a little on the “heavy” side from too much sugar consumption. We need to get back to basics, and that means less sugary drinks and more essential, clean, pure water.

And to make sure it remains clean and healthy WellSys uses Silver Ion Technology, just like that used on your doctor’s examination table, to instantly kill germs on its surface so they won’t be transferred from person-to-person. 

Proper hydration contributes to alertness, efficiency, and even to general job satisfaction. And your Colorado family or employees will recognize when you are alert to their interests. They’ll thank you!

Do you want to be a hit with your family or employees?

Then don’t wait to get a WellSys water purification system! It’s also a terrific opportunity to be environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint.