Coloradans love meeting friends for coffee breaks.  Just look around your city or town for the proof, doesn’t it seem like there is a coffee shop, drive-thru or Starbucks on every corner?

So how does our love for coffee impact your business?  Well, in my 20+ years delivering coffee to Colorado Springs/Denver businesses I’ve observed that combining a relaxing break room with quality refreshments increases employee focus, motivation, and productivity.

Would a boost in morale and productivity be good for your business?  Keep reading to learn why break rooms and coffee breaks are key to the success of your business.

Your dad’s coffee breaks don’t cut it in 2018

Back in the day, a lackluster break room was fine. Your dad grabbed his coffee and headed outside for a smoke or to a friend’s office to gossip.

In 2018 the break room is now an oasis where humans gather to revitalize.  The happiness of employees depends on having a place to recharge.

But many businesses have a problem, the coffee break rooms are stark and dated. A boring break room is not a place to re-energize.

Recharging and socializing are key ingredients of business today.  Businesses of all sizes are seeing an influx of younger employees i.e. the millennials.

The millennials were born between 1982 and 2000. Known as the connected generation, they seek out employment where they connect with the humans, control their day and make an impact.

Motivating Millennial’s

coffee breaks improve communicationsThe Colorado Springs and Denver workplaces attract the young and restless. The active outdoors, the number of colleges and the spirit of entrepreneurship are a large draw of the rising young professionals to our beautiful state.

Millennials seek work/life alignment. Many millennial’s think corporate America doesn’t care if they’re happy or fulfilled during the week. Taking a coffee break in a crappy break room just reinforces this belief.

Millennial’s are changing the way businesses approach coffee breaks and the break room. Your break room is no longer a place to just offer a simple drip coffee maker, a can of ground coffee and a place to sit for a time.

The break room needs to be a place of positivity and comfort.

Expresso your love. Perk up the break room!

Groan! Sorry, that’s my only coffee pun.  Here are 5 ways to perk up your coffee breaks so working at your company isn’t such a grind.

Honestly, that’s’ the last one.

How do you brew?

The needs and desires of your employees determine the coffee machine your office needs.

The drip coffee machine may not be as utilized and desired as that of a single cup brewer which uses individual pods to customize the drink to the employee. Millennials want a  fresh-brewed cup of coffee, made exactly how they want it.

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What do you brew?

What you brew is just as important as how you brew. An average cup of coffee won’t cut it.

Getting through the workday and being productive requires a satisfying drink.

Employees want a quality cup of coffee. A hot, well-made cup of coffee is not only refreshing and relaxing, it is essential to life.

Millennials support local and unique products. To show you care about what they care about, you can have a local Colorado office coffee service to service and supply your office breakroom.

Serve up a variety of choices

We all like a choice. It’s human nature. Millennials are no different. They want a chance to select a drink as an individual as they are.

Offer an ample selection of coffees and teas. We’re no longer limited to one choice. Seasonal pumpkin or peppermint flavors give a variety throughout the year, drawing employees into the break room regularly. There are endless flavor combinations available for every palate, from the herbal, health-conscious drinker to the rich, dark brew drinker.

Don’t ignore the garnishes

A satisfying cup of coffee isn’t complete without the finishing touches. Provide sugar, creamers, flavorings, stirrers, and alternative sweeteners.

A chance to mix it up and customize it to the individual employee is a personal perk to many employees. Well-stocked utensils and dishes are welcome too. Sustainability through high-quality eco-friendly cups is appealing to the younger generation.

Offer simple, healthy snack choices such as nuts, fruit or protein bars won’t go unnoticed either. Taking the time to offer these small selections creates a big impact in building a better break room culture.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

A break room shouldn’t be an extension of the workplace. Taking a break needs to be an escape where employees can relax, engage and re-energize. The break room should invigorate like a breath of fresh air, stepping into an environment that provides relaxation.

The seating should be conducive to getting employees to talk with one another. Offering a variety of stools, couches, and armchairs are both comfortable and inviting.

The coffee break room decor should reflect an atmosphere of peace and relaxation, a place away from cubicles and whiteboards. A TV or a simple game like foosball in a break room will foster an outlet for stress, a chance to be active and build up relationships between the employees.

Brew your way to a better business

Colorado Springs and Denver businesses can build employee satisfaction through coffee breaks. Coffee breaks allow employees to mingle and get to know one another beyond their coworker status.

Collaboration across the company increases. Fostering relationships among employees builds a tight-knit team within your company. The camaraderie of a team boosts ideas and solutions of individual employees, increasing productivity, health, and happiness.

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