Even the Best Brewers Don’t Live Forever

It may not be today, tomorrow, or next month, but the day will come when you’ll need to replace the office coffee machine. As durable and reliable as high volume, high-quality commercial coffee makers are, they won’t last forever. Such fate befalls all machines, from cars to dishwashers to laptop computers.

If you are in charge of ensuring that everyone in your Colorado workforce has access to a great cup of coffee when they need one, the last thing you want to do is wait to replace the office coffee machine until your machine up and dies.  Using a Colorado commercial coffee service can help you avoid such a disastrous fate.

The professionals who regularly come to clean and service your local Colorado company’s coffee machine know the warning signs that indicate your equipment may be on its last legs. They can alert you to that fact before your coffee maker stops working altogether so you can replace it with a new machine that will keep great coffee flowing uninterrupted.

To avoid a coffee catastrophe you’ll want to be aware of the following signs that the time has come to replace the office coffee machine.

Leaks: A Sure Sign to Replace the Office Coffee Machine

Your coffee machine spends its day constantly carrying water, literally. The water that runs through the machines tubes and winds up in your cup takes a long and continuous journey that can ultimately take its toll on those tubes and other sensitive pieces of your coffeemaker, such as gaskets or seals. That toll most often manifests itself in the form of a leak.

If you see pools of water forming near your coffeemaker, or if your machine consistently fails to brew a full cup or pot of coffee, you may have a leak. Not only does a leak impact the performance of your brewer, but leaks can also be a serious safety hazard that puts users at risk of electrical shock.


Even the best stainless steel can ultimately succumb to rust over time. Rust buildup is especially prominent if that steel has dents or scratches or comes into contact with acidic chemicals or scale buildup. Rust also appears unattractive and could cause your employees to question the safety or quality of the coffee the machine produces. If you see rust on your coffee maker, you should see a commercial coffee professional about replacement options.

Limescale Buildup

The hard water that flows through your coffee maker likely contains high levels of dissolved minerals, including calcium. While hard water isn’t necessarily bad for people, the same can’t be said for coffee equipment. Minerals in hard water can build up on components, including ones that aren’t easily visible, such as the inside of water tanks and around the machine’s heating elements.

While regular cleaning and de-liming can do a good job keeping limescale buildup at bay, this mineral may ultimately accumulate to the point that the deposits significantly reduces both the machine’s production capacity and the quality of coffee it brews.

Consistent Coffee Complaints

Because you know how important high-quality coffee is to your employees, you make sure that the beans you offer them are top-notch. But when a coffee maker suffers from the foregoing issues or has simply been worked to death after many years of service, even the best beans won’t conceal its problems.

Those issues will show up in the taste of the coffee the machine brews. Coffee may come out tasting and smelling bitter and funky, or may not fill a cup as it’s supposed to. If that happens enough, your employees will let you know. If you get consistent complaints about the taste of the coffee you serve, even if you’re using the same coffee you have for years, it likely means the problem lay with the coffee maker itself.

If It’s Time to Replace the Office Coffee Machine, It’s Time to Call Colorado Pure

Family-owned since 1996, Colorado Pure is dedicated to customer satisfaction from helping you choose the right equipment and coffee through keeping your break room regularly restocked and maintained.

If your office coffee machine is not doing the job you and your employees need it to do, contact one of our Colorado Springs or Denver coffee distribution specialists today to schedule an in-office consultation. We’ll come by your office, show you our large selection of coffee equipment and supplies, help you choose the right products to suit your needs, and get you a reliable and accurate quote.

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