If you are one of the many Southern Colorado businesses struggling with the post-pandemic labor shortage, you know that providing a positive employee experience is vital to retaining talent. While offering competitive salaries and benefits packages are as important as ever, fostering an environment where employees come to work because they want to – not because they have to – can make your company immune to shortages in valuable employees. 

Why You Should Care About Your Employee Experience

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Colorado has one of the top ten highest quit-rates in the nation. That means that employees that are not satisfied with tangible benefits like pay and employer-provided group health insurance, as well as intangible benefits like flexibility and even the office coffee delivery service in the breakroom, are more likely to quit working for your company and look for positions with your competition. Truth be told, money is no longer the driving incentive for employees to stay at their positions.

While the specific employee experience (often referred to as “EX”) requirements may differ from employee to employee, Colorado business owners and managers are wise to take a long look at a few key areas of their business to see how they measure up. 

How To Foster A Positive Employee Experience In Your Southern Colorado Company

Step 1 – Take An Objective Look At Your Company Culture

Yes, the keyword here is “objective.” You may need to take a step back to see what is really going on in your organization. Your company culture manifests itself in many ways. For instance, are you and your management team approachable? Do your employees feel that they can come to you with both successes and issues? Do your employees feel that they are part of a “bigger picture,” not just filling a void in your organization? Are employees engaging with each other on a social level as well as a professional one? 

Rather than looking at your company culture from your perspective, you may need to turn the tables and examine your EX through the eyes of your valued employees. 

Step 2 – Start At The Top

Sustaining a positive employee experience requires effort on the part of all employees, but your managers are responsible for the tone of your company. Ensure that your management team is aligned with the core values of your company, and are knowledgeable, approachable leaders with integrity.  Your EX will flourish and you will retain top talent longer.

Step 3 – Be Flexible

COPure-employee-experience-2If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the business world, it’s that not all work has to conform to the same mold. If you have employees that would rather continue working from home, give consideration to their request. If remote working is not feasible, make other concessions where you are able, such as a shorter workweek, leaving early on certain days, or other scheduling variations. 

Employees that have children still in school will appreciate flexibility in their schedules to deal with sickness, breaks, and days off of school. Being considerate and flexible is one way to show your employees that you value them as people and as part of your team.

Step 3 – Pay Attention To The Entire Cycle Of EX

Employee experience starts from the moment a candidate sees a job posting and submits an application or resume to your company, through interviewing, onboarding, mentoring, recognition and even constructive criticism when needed. 

In a recent study, 37% of surveyed employees listed recognition for their contributions as a meaningful part of their EX. Once your business acquires the talent you want, make sure you are doing everything you can to retain that talent!

 Step 4 – Provide Tangible and Intangible Benefits

As mentioned at the outset, providing a robust benefits package for your employees can be a powerful ally in your quest for a positive employee experience. From group health insurance to a well-stocked break room with supplies like healthy snacks and great tasting coffee, the EX in your company can soar. Take notice of your employees and their needs. Promote team-building with wellness challenges and group retreats. Bring donuts, bagels or a catered lunch in to show how much you appreciate employee efforts on a project. Of course, money is not everything, but showing a little employee love with a bonus or gift card is always appreciated as well.

Colorado Pure: Helping Southern Colorado Businesses Provide the Best Employee Experience

As a locally-owned and managed business ourselves, Colorado Pure knows first-hand how your employee experience can affect all aspects of your company. From our top-rated coffee machines, purified water dispensers, break room solutions and office coffee delivery, we help Southern Colorado businesses improve, maintain and increase their positive EX. Contact us today for a free consultation, and see how we can help your business!

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