In an increasingly competitive hiring environment, Colorado companies are seeking fringe benefits to attract and retain top talent, and that includes adapting to how Millennials are changing the office coffee break. If you own or manage a business in Colorado, chances are you have at least one or more Millennials working for you. Studies have recently revealed that Millennials now make up about just under half the world’s workforce. Within five years, those numbers will have grown to around 75 percent. 

But what exactly is a Millennial, and how are their standards for coffee affecting the office coffee break?

Millennials Defined

The term “Millennials” describes those who were born between 1980 and the mid to late 1990s. This younger group of workers have different expectations and needs when compared with their older colleagues. Tech-savvy, ambitious, and health-conscious, they’re demanding a better work-life balance. 

Not only that, but Millennials really love coffee. Not just any old coffee, either. Millennials are consuming more gourmet coffee than at any other time. This demand is driving up the stocking of gourmet coffees in the workplace. Current research shows that businesses with coffee stations in the office see higher department cohesion and productivity. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that we’re seeing a cultural shiftin the office coffee break.

What Do Millennials Want from Their Coffee?

Providers of office coffee services have long been in demand. However, they haven’t been able to rest on their laurels. While demand is high, expectations have also increased. Millennials aren’t just asking for more coffee. Instead, they’re demanding better coffee

Millennials won’t put up with the poor quality products of the past that their older colleagues drank. If a product doesn’t meet their high expectations, they’ll simply go and buy coffee elsewhere. (And that time spent seeking time outside the office equals time missed at work.)

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Quality Products in The Workplace

Millennials want the quality of their workplace coffee to rival that of what they can buy in their favorite coffee shops. They want to know where their coffee is from and whether the coffee company made it with quality ground beans. 

Millennials usually have strong opinions regarding their favorite brands in general, and this extends to their preferred brands of coffees. Colorado businesses who want to retain their employees and keep them engaged will listen to these opinions to keep this key group happy. 

No longer can the breakroom coffee service be substandard. No more watery brews or instant coffee. Increasingly, companies need to contract with an office coffee supplier that can meet those expectations effectively.

millennials are changing the office coffee break fair trade coffeeSustainability and Social Awareness

Thanks to the abundance of information available on the internet, Millennials are hyper-aware of social issues. The trends in organic and fair trade coffee show that Millennial consumers expect that the coffee brands they choose are ecologically sustainable and socially responsible.

Giving Millennials What They Demand

Millennials are changing the office coffee break by  demanding great coffee, brewed for them individually, by the cup. They also want to see their favorite brands of coffee on the menu. 

Here at Colorado Pure, we have a robust menu of teas and coffee that feature today’s most popular brands. We also offer a choice of brewing options. Whether they prefer whole bean, roast, or ground or a single cup, we can accommodate their desires. We even carry an impressive choice of coffee brands and flavors, such as Seattle’s Best and Starbucks. Millennials in the workplace can enjoy a hot cup of their preferred java at any time.

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