The holidays are coming and soon all kinds of sugary treats will be adorning the office break room table.  As I write this in early October 2017 I know that the break room table will soon be covered in spooky cupcakes, Halloween Candy, apple and pumpkin pies, and the grand finale Christmas cookies.

In many Colorado Springs offices, food treats on the office break room are a frequent occurrence.  While this is awesome for the tastebuds, it can wreak havoc on waistlines.

You may want to contribute but if you are watching your weight – or just want to eat healthy – what can you do to chip in without sugar and fat?

Healthy snacks often fall flat in the office break room

I’ve tried bringing in healthy alternatives to all the donuts and cookies.  I’ve tried contributing a bowl of apples and oranges. I also brought in a nice selection of tree nuts attractively displayed in seasonal snack bowls.

Sadly my attempts at healthy snacks often just sat there lonely and ignored on the break room table, surrounded by donuts and chocolatey treats that disappear quickly.

Fancy sparkling waters and diet beverages

Here’s an idea, bring in a selection of fancy sparkling beverages.

Sparkling water has become a bit of a treat in the past few years.  The beverage aisles of our local Colorado Springs grocery and warehouse stores are full of bottled and canned waters including LeCroix, Hint, San Pellegrino, Perrier, and Bai5 Bubbles! to name a few of the more well-known brands.

I personally like Fresca which has been around since my childhood in the 60s.  I know Fresca is not necessarily a healthy beverage as it is a citrus-flavored diet soda with sodium and other chemicals.  However, I still love that Fresca has a wonderful sparkling grapefruit character and the makers have figured out how to eliminate the diet drink aftertaste.

Putting your break room beverage contributions on ice in an attractive seasonal container like a kid’s candy container or festive-looking baking pan is a fun way to bring a treat that is healthy and seasonal.

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Coffee from Starbucks

Just about everyone loves Starbucks.   If your office break room has bland coffee or a limited selection of single-cup coffee brewing options, then you might consider bringing in a Starbucks Traveler.

The Traveler is a convenient one-time use coffee carrier filled with 96 fl. oz. of fresh-brewed joe, which is the equivalent of twelve 8-ounce cups of brew. You can choose between any of the popular Starbucks dark, medium, and light roast coffees.

Learn more: Starbucks Coffee Traveler

It’s not all about consuming

A break room treat doesn’t have to be all about food and drink.  Here are some ideas from the “Happier” podcast for contributing to the office break room holiday spirit without adding inches to the waistlines of yourself and your coworkers

  • Put out a puzzle without the box.  It’s fun and will facilitate interaction and communication around the break room table.
  • Word magnets on the fridge.  These are a favorite with the readers and writers in the office.
  • Holiday decorations.  Bring in some cheery holiday table decorations. Hang a Happy Holidays banner. Add pizazz with twinkly lights and window gels.

Any other office break room treat fanatics out there?

Do you love a good break room treat, healthy or otherwise? What do you like to bring in? And why do you love break room treats so much?

Leave us a comment and we will share your office refreshment ideas with our online community.

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