Which coffee machine is right for your Colorado Springs office?

The best Colorado Springs business coffee service provides great tasting coffee in a variety of brewers to suit your needs.

Are you tired of scorched coffee that's been sitting on the burner for far too long? Your current coffee service probably provides generic coffee that is mediocre at best. That means that people will drink it fresh, but won't drink "the old stuff" until they are desperate for something “coffee-like," by which time it's ruined.  

How often have you seen someone pour out half a pot of coffee just so they could make a fresh pot that was at least palatable? That puts your cost of coffee sky-high and wastes both water and energy. You need a Colorado Springs business coffee service that offers a better system.

All about Great Coffee

You need to get rid of that ancient, energy-wasting technology that was developed in the 1960s. Burning coffee on a hot plate like some ancient sacrificial ritual is ridiculous nowadays.

Modern coffee machines use just a fraction of the energy to produce a pot of coffee. That's because they don't rely on an element constantly running to maintain the temperature.

Modern technology has provided us with fantastically efficient insulation which means we only have to heat the coffee one time, and then it maintains its serving temperature without getting cooked on that ridiculous element. It tastes as good at the end of the pot as it does when it was first made.

Airpots, Thermal Carafes, and more


If you want a nice tall brewer for filling Airpots, one of our great brewers from the Bloomfield line of office coffee airpots will fulfill all your needs. If you need push button dispensing of coffee in a conference room or other location away from where the coffee is made, this is your answer.

These coffee makers can accept standard water pressure from 20-80 psi, but also have a pour-over feature if you choose to skip a fixed water connection.  The hot water tap located on the front can be used any time by those who prefer tea.  It does not interfere with the brewing cycle in any way.

Thermal Carafes

Do you need a larger volume of coffee in ready supply? A twin-system from our BUNN line of products is the perfect answer!  

With all the same features as mentioned above for the Airpot, these thermal carafes will keep your coffee hot and fresh tasting, but it's particularly useful for environments with a very high demand in continuous turnover.

Uniserve Brewers™

Do your staff members or clients desire variety? A uniserve coffee station in your office is a great option then! This style of machine is compatible with all K-cup™ pods. Its water tank can provide 10 cups of coffee before requiring a refill of the removable reservoir. More importantly it only takes 45 seconds to reheat for a subsequent coffee-making cycle.

Of course this system is also available with a plumbed in supply line. You never have to worry about running out of water! Your people will love it. 

A good office coffee service in Colorado Springs will advise you on the best refreshment set-up for your business. It's a good investment that will change the atmosphere of your workplace for the better.


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