The psychological advantages of a great breakroom are undeniable. Breakrooms are a fixture in the modern office not because they’re a convenience for the employees, but rather because of the payback for the business.

On any occasion where you demonstrate to employees that they are appreciated, you are rewarded with greater loyalty. When a company treats employees well, those employees are unlikely to quit and go work elsewhere.

The result—significantly less “churn” in your employee roster. The fewer new employees that you must train, the fewer the mistakes that will be made; the less time will be taken away from other projects to get the new employee up to speed; the less money you will have to spend on training, and the sooner they can begin contributing to your bottom line.

What are the advantages of a quality office water cooler?

Positive Influence

As an example, the simple existence of a water cooler, coffee machine, or cold drink system will make your office better. Providing high quality break room services in Colorado Springs, whether multiservice, or highly efficient single-serve, will enhance that effect. Employees should not be responsible for maintenance, servicing, or stocking the equipment. That’s why you need Colorado Pure to handle those chores.

Colorado Pure takes pride in providing you with state of the art breakroom services for you and your employees. A properly equipped breakroom is both efficient and convenient. Your employees should find it an all-round pleasant experience, not a hassle because a fellow employee did not fulfill an expectation.


Good, properly-designed equipment has built-in antimicrobial and antibacterial surfaces, and is constructed in such a way that un-dispensed product remains sanitary. That one person, who didn’t take time to wash their hands, doesn’t end up contaminating a whole bin full of ice, or passing along their preschoolers flu to half of your workforce.

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Better Choices

Given the opportunity to make a healthier choice, most people will pick something better than a soda with 11 teaspoons of sugar per can. Most amazingly, despite e-mail and SMS, people still remember how to interact when they meet in person. If a duo or trio of people meet at the water cooler, it is almost inevitable that they will reinforce their team skills during that interaction.

They may discuss projects that they are working on; they may seek advice from fellow employees; they might just discuss a popular television show, but in each case they are learning about their teammates. They develop insights about others skills and where their talents might lay.

The Takeaway

In the future they’ll have a better idea of who to approach to join their team; to render advice; to seek mentorship. A deeper understanding of other workers’ skills makes everybody more efficient.

And to think—all this learning about each other started from “hanging around the water cooler” in a well-designed and pleasant breakroom. That’s a pretty good payback from a relatively small investment.