From the increased productivity that comes from drinking coffee and tea to the morale-boosting effects of coffee breaks, the advantages to Southern Colorado business owners of installing an office coffee station are indisputable.

Whether you are considering a new office coffee station or revamping your old one, there are several essentials that every station must have to satisfy the modern-day coffee-drinking masses.

Professional-Grade Coffee Machine

Today’s coffee and tea consumers do more than just drink their favorite beverage; they experience it. How can they do this when one pot of nondescript and bland coffee is in the breakroom? This is one reason why Colorado businesses are turning to coffee machines that brew single cups of coffee.

Whether you personally enjoy a steaming cup of medium-roast black coffee or a latte every morning, coffee machines like Cafection Encore 29 Bean to Cup Coffee Maker and the Bunn My Cafe MCO K-Cup Coffee Machine can make the perfect cup, personalized just for you.

Hot and Cold Purified Water Dispenser

Coffee may be the most popular morning beverage in the United States, but many people prefer a cup of hot tea, iced tea, or a refreshing glass of water throughout the day. To make sure you are providing for all the demographics in your office, provide your employees with a hot and cold purified water dispenser in addition to the coffee machine.

Giving your staff easy access to purified water at the office coffee station will keep them happy and help them stay hydrated, healthy, and alert. That sounds like a win-win scenario to us!

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Options

COPure-office coffee stations should have options

Just as each employee prefers their coffee their way, they also want various options. This means keeping a wide selection of coffee roasts, tea blends, and hot cocoa options on-hand at the office coffee station.

In the past, providing these options may have seemed superfluous. But as baby boomers and Gen-Xers get older and retire, the workforce is getting younger. And studies have shown that millennials are changing the office coffee break. Colorado companies that want to recruit and retain the best talent must pay attention to the small things, including the office coffee service they provide.

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Cream and Sugar

Would you like some coffee with your creamer? Many coffee drinkers put so much cream and sugar in their coffee that you would swear the coffee is only there as a splash of color. Regardless of whether you like your coffee as pure and dark as the night sky, providing your employees with cream and sugar at the office coffee station is a smart choice that will keep your sweeter employees happy.

If you are concerned with making healthier coffee at the office, encourage your staff to explore naturally-derived sweeteners such as cinnamon, vanilla, agave, and so forth. The options are endless!

Pay Attention to Small Details

Don’t forget to pay attention to the details. For instance, do you have spoons or stir sticks readily available? What about paper towels for cleaning up spills? And a trash can to put those paper towels in after use?

Other Break Room Supplies

Also give consideration to the other needs your employees may have. For instance, do you have workers who habitually skip lunch and are then sluggish in the afternoon? Then providing break room snacks might be the answer. From crackers to nuts to chocolate and fresh fruit, keeping a well-stocked break room can keep your employees happy and productive.

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Location, Location, Location

Just as in real estate, location will likely play a role in whether your office coffee station is a hit with employees or not. The most logical placement for the station is the break room since there is ready access to sinks, refrigerators, and storage options for all those supplies mentioned earlier.

But if your business covers a lot of square footage, you may find that having several smaller stations throughout the space is a better solution.

Don’t Get Burned Stocking Your Office Coffee Station

This article has explored the essentials for every office coffee station, as well as a few things that may not be necessary, but will definitely inspire goodwill in your employees. But if the thought of getting these supplies together initially, setting up the station, cleaning and maintaining the coffee maker and hot and cold water dispenser seems overwhelming, we have the answer.

Colorado Pure provides Southern Colorado businesses with exceptional office coffee delivery service, break room solutions, and equipment maintenance. Speak with one of our representatives today to arrange for your free, in-office consultation, and see why our reputation as Colorado Springs’ premier coffee service provider is second-to-none.

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