A single five-gallon bottle of water weighs 42 pounds. Every time your water dispenser runs empty, someone has to struggle with that big heavy bottle into the air, turn it upside down and get it into the machine without spilling it all over the floor. Can you do it? How about your fellow workers? Do you always have to call big, strong Phillip from the shipping department to come up and install it for you?

That is the same system we have been using since the early 1900s and the only innovation has been the adoption of plastic bottles instead of the ridiculously heavy bottles that used to be made out of real glass. They would add another 15 pounds all on their own!

The Modern Age of Bottle Coolers in the Colorado Office

It became a little easier with the plastic bottles, but if we are being completely honest, it really wasn’t that much of an improvement. Now, finally, we have something significantly different and better. We have infinite water…Hurray!

With a modern countertop model, such as the WellSYS 9000CT point of use system, it can be supplied with a small cold water line to keep the tank permanently full. No running out of water; no massive bottles to hoist; just a completely flawless, seamless, and an endless supply of chilled, room temperature, or even hot water.

And even if your water supply isn’t the best quality, our units such as the Beam Water Filtration System can provide you with completely pure, water. It has the added bonus of remineralizing the water after it has been purified so you get all the healthy aspects restored!

What about a Drain?

Don’t those point of use water delivery systems need drainage, too? No, they don’t! Equipped with an electronically monitored splash and overflow tray, it can hold 22 ounces before it automatically halts dispensing until the tray is emptied. This eliminates the need for an impractical, if not impossible, drain in the middle of a vast expanse of desks. You can have a water cooler/supply system virtually anywhere you desire in your office space.

Get rid of that Dangerous Clutter

More importantly, however, you recover space. Full or empty, those bottles take up valuable office real estate (usually at several dollars per square foot). Eliminate the constant struggle to move the full bottles out of the way so you can get a cabinet open, or having to deal with half a dozen empty bottles lined up down a narrow hallway posing a significant tripping hazard. Not only with your office be tidier, but it will enhance the safety of your employees, even if we don’t include back injuries from trying to install those monstrously heavy bottles.

The Takeaway

Having a Bottle-less Water Dispenser in your Colorado office keeps your employees happy and hydrated. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to simplify the task of providing for their essential needs. Remember that happy and healthy employees are more satisfied and more productive.