…and now for something completely different

We don’t always need hot coffee—fresh, cold, single-serve beverages have a place in our offices, too. They’re reasonably priced; they’re pleasing to employees; they have low impact and are environmentally responsible. Are you ready for a new kind of office refreshment for your Colorado Springs business?

It has been said that it is never a bad time for a hot beverage. When your body is too cold, having some nice hot coffee, tea, or cocoa makes its job of regulating your body temperature much easier.

Counterintuitively, when you’re feeling a bit warm, drinking a hot beverage tricks your body into believing that it is even hotter. It steps up your natural cooling system bringing more blood to the surface skin to shed heat, increasing perspiration, heartbeat, and your rate of breathing. With its increased efficiency your body more quickly disposes of the excess heat you already had plus what was in the beverage.

The problem that results is that with increased respiration and perspiration you lose a lot more fluid. When you’re hot it would be much more efficient and sensible to drink something cool that will help to hydrate you, and dilute some of that excess heat.

Water is a great idea, but it is hard to drink a lot of it when it has no flavor. A nice can of cold soda or some orange juice might seem to fit the bill but they both come with a huge load of carbohydrates.  

One 12 oz. can of soda has about 11 teaspoons (33 grams) of sugar in it. And a 12 oz. glass of orange juice has 7.2 teaspoons (22 grams) of sugar. We just don’t need that! An average person only needs 1.2 tsp or 3.6 grams of sugar per hour to run. One can of soda is enough for more than 9 hours—and who drinks just one?

A New Kind of Office Refreshment

Lavít Cold Beverage Brewers to the rescue! Lavít machines are akin to single serve hot beverage brewers in basic design, except they dispense chilled water, can add carbonation (if desired), and with capsules, can provide flavors that your employees will love! Beverage capsules come in 33 flavors (and still growing) from the Lavít line, their SuperNaturals™ line, as well as the famous AriZona product line.

The Lavít line uses natural flavors with no preservatives, is rich in vitamins, sugar-free, and between 0 and 10 calories per beverage. It includes flavors like three different lemonades, Lemon Tea, Green Tea (with ginseng), Apple Pear, Lemon Lime, Black Cherry Lime, Grape Sport (for electrolytes), Orange Mango, Pineapple Coconut, Spicy Ginger Ale, Creamy Root Beer, Pink Grapefruit, Orange Soda, and several more.

The SuperNaturals line is naturally sweetened with Stevia, also preservative free, with added vitamins & minerals in many interesting flavors.  They include Spanish Clementine, Strawberry & Baja Lime, West Indian Lime, Meyer Lemon & Blackberry, Alfonso Mango & Passionfruit, Italian Blood Orange, and more.

Of course the AriZona line includes all your favorites. Look for Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Arnold Palmer Half&Half Iced Tea and AP Sweet Tea Pink Lemonade.

Environmentally responsible refreshment service

Each capsule is 100% recyclable—once used, the capsule is completely empty—and made of only 1/7th of the aluminum used to make just one 12 oz. soda pop can! Your employees and visiting clients will respect your choice to take care of our planet.

What does Lavít mean?

In and of itself, Lavít is not a real word, any more than is Coke™, Aspirin™ or Kleenex™. So where does the word come from? What does it mean?

Lavít takes its name from its European roots—word-cousins that include “vit”, French for living, “vita”, Italian for life, and the French “vite” for fast.  All this eventually leads to the English word “vital”—which means alive.

Lavit is the perfect office refreshment system for your Colorado Springs business. Get one installed in your office today.