For us in the coffee service business, there’s an old joke that states that programmers are actually biological interfaces that were designed to turn coffee into computer code. Hyperbole aside, I know for a fact that if you banned coffee in your Colorado office you would have a revolt, no matter what line of business you are in.

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In our society coffee is the de facto go-to when we need a quick pick me up, or something to sustain us when we are very focused on a project or deadline. Without coffee, some of us couldn’t even make it all the way through the day.

Colorado Pure to the Rescue

coffee carafeCarafe Coffee Brewer

If your Colorado office is a high volume coffee service user your best bet would be the Carafe Coffee Brewer. This dual brewing system relies on insulated stainless steel carafes to keep the coffee hot and ready.

Not only does it make great tasting coffee, but it provides a hot water faucet that you can use any time—it does not interfere with the brewing cycle—perfect for tea-drinkers to make their favorite beverage. The all stainless steel construction makes it a breeze to clean and maintain. It includes a pour-over feature for locations where you can’t connect it directly to a water supply.

Unless you’re in an extremely high volume scenario, such as an actual coffee shop, regular coffee brewers with glass pots that sit on heating elements can make the coffee taste “cooked” in less than 30 minutes. Aside from the smell, if you are a cream user, you can tell instantly when the coffee turns that hideous gray color instead of the caramel or butterscotch color of fresh coffee.

Insulated carafes solve that problem because no additional heat is applied in order to keep the coffee at a drinkable temperature. Once it is brewed it stays perfectly tasty right to the last drop.

air pot2Air Pot Brewing System

Even for lower volume offices, you don’t have to suffer from that “burned” or “cooked” taste in your coffee from a conventional brewer. Your solution is the Air Pot Brewing System.

It includes the same hot water faucet feature of the unit above. For maximum versatility, it also includes a pour-over feature if you don’t (or cannot) connect it directly to a water source.
The air pot is very well insulated to maintain the perfect temperature for drinking your coffee. Again, we avoid additional heating which can distort or destroy all the subtle flavors of a great coffee.

Uniserve Single Coffee Brewer

Finally, for the coffee connoisseur that must always have an absolutely fresh cup of coffee, there is the Uniserve™ Single-Serve Coffee Brewer. It is 100% compatible with the Keurig® K-cup® brewing system.

Purposefully designed with this compatibility, it allows our customers to have a wide variety of their favorite types of coffee on hand. Its reservoir can provide 10 6 ounce cups before requires refilling but it’s also available with a direct connection to your water supply so that is never an issue.

This is no common household unit; this is a robust durable design ready for a commercial installation. This high heat & pressure unit was created specifically to get the most out of your coffee. You’ll taste the difference. Running at maximum output this machine can produce 4.3 gallons of hot water per hour, so you’ll never run out of the ability to make your favorite brew unless you run out of actual coffee!

Great Coffee Service

To solve that particular problem we recommend that you stock up on Ten Tall Coffee, available in Decaf, Daily Roast, Columbian, Morning Harvest, Original Blend, Rwanda Select, French Roast, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, or even Milk Chocolate Premium Cocoa.

Give us a call today at (719) 573-7070 and let’s get you great tasting coffee for your office. It’s also a great opportunity to be environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint with these energy-efficient machines. Do you have any questions? Drop us a line at our e-mail address! We would love to hear from you.