If you are like most Southern Colorado business owners, you are constantly seeking ways to improve employee productivity. A simple way to encourage employee engagement and increase motivation is by taking care of the coffee drinkers in your office. Keep reading to find out why this is true and how you can increase their happiness at work.

The Many Benefits Of Coffee In The Workplace

Every coffee drinker that goes to bed at night dreaming of their first cup in the morning knows the impact the caffeine in coffee can have on their entire day.

Why? Because caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, letting neurotransmitters that are associated with alertness work their magic and prevent drowsiness. Caffeine also increases neuron firing, which stimulates adrenaline production.

In turn, adrenaline production causes physical changes that result in alertness, specifically in those who are tired, improvement in short-term memory, improvement in long-term memory, specifically in recalling details, and a boost in mood. Employee productivity increases with these improvements because of their ability to process information faster, thus making them more productive.

The easier it is to remember things, and the more alert you are, the easier it is to concentrate on an important project or client, and the more likely you are to pay attention and participate in meetings.

These benefits aren’t even including the increase in energy from the caffeine in coffee or the effects on your mood and positivity.

In fact, studies have shown that concentrated amounts of caffeine can increase positivity in real-time. A positive mindset is linked to better productivity, and as long as coffee is consumed steadily, it’s possible to avoid a caffeine or sugar crash that employees could experience with other caffeinated beverages.

The Perks Of Coffee Breaks On Employee Productivity

Allowing coworkers to build relationships in the workplace isn’t just crucial for projects or teams, but also for improving your employee productivity and sanity. Going to work and feeling as if you’re in a room of strangers, and feeling that way for a majority of your week, isn’t appealing. If a person looks forward to going to work to see people they know, they’re likely going to show up earlier or perform better.

Keeping coffee drinkers happy by promoting coffee breaksThe American Psychological Association concluded that being friends with your co-workers “can increase job satisfaction, productivity, and job commitment while decreasing stress and turnover.” Taking a coffee break together allows employees to bond as friends, as well as to network within their team and share resources or brainstorm. By supplying the coffee drinkers in your office with an opportunity to do this, you’re providing a way for employees to engage and increase potential work productivity.

Combined employee coffee breaks also allow employees to socialize with each other during a quick break rather than throughout the day, and allows for employees from separate departments to talk shop. For instance, maybe the head of marketing didn’t realize the strain that was happening in the accounting department. By catching up while pouring some coffee, the marketing director can recognize that she should do her very best to cut down on costs, which will improve the business and workplace productivity as a whole.

Pro Tip: Matchmaking The Best Beans to the Best Water

More coffee drinkers are realizing that much of the taste of coffee is dependent on the water you use during brewing, so if your office doesn’t have bottled water or a water purification system, you might want to consider this excellent investment to keep employees happy and productive. An investment in better drinking water can range from signing up for your local Southern Colorado bottled water delivery services to installing an on-demand or point-of-use purified water dispenser.

After you have ensured that your water is up to spec, contract with a Front Range office coffee service with a wide variety of quality coffee machines. The right coffee delivery service should also provide you with many choices of coffee, tea, and other break room supplies.

Allowing time for employee coffee breaks ensures that even the non-coffee drinkers in your office feel valued and that feeling can result in greater dedication to your company.

Colorado Pure: The Key To Keeping Coffee Drinkers Productive

As a Colorado business owner and employer, your greatest asset can be your employees. The combination of positive workplace environments alongside sufficient coffee break time and delicious options for coffee drinkers can greatly increase employee productivity.

If you are ready to see the difference that quality, fresh coffee, and breakroom supplies have on your employee’s productivity and loyalty, we are ready to help. Colorado Pure is locally and family-owned, and we take pride in providing five-star service to businesses up and down Colorado’s Front Range. Contact us today for your free, in-office consultation.