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Studies shows that an awesome office break room can have many benefits including increased employee productivity, moral and retention.

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Hard or Soft? Hard water has a significant mineral content, which makes it difficult to create suds when using soap. It causes mineral deposits to accumulate which can damage clothes washers, coffee machines, and other water-using equipment. Water lacking in minerals is called soft water, and it...

The psychological advantages of a great breakroom are undeniable. Breakrooms are a fixture in the modern office not because they're a convenience for the employees, but rather because of the payback for the business. On any occasion where you demonstrate to employees that they are appreciated, you...

Whether you decide to Buy, Rent, or Lease-to-Own the equipment, there is an office refreshment solution that will suit your office's needs. Every refreshment solution that you employ increases employee or client satisfaction, which ultimately increases either productivity or income for the company.

Are you tired of scorched coffee that's been sitting on the burner for far too long? Your current coffee service probably provides generic coffee that is mediocre at best. That means that people will drink it fresh, but won't drink "the old stuff" until they are desperate for something...

Why do people like WellSys Water Purification Systems so much? Well, it is definitely a Go Green product. On average everyone from retiree to newborn in the U.S. uses 167 plastic water bottles per year, but only recycles 38 of them. That's an awful record. Using bottled water can be convenient and...

…and now for something completely different We don't always need hot coffee—fresh, cold, single-serve beverages have a place in our offices, too. They're reasonably priced; they're pleasing to employees; they have low impact and are environmentally responsible. Are you ready for a new kind of...

Coffee is probably the best beverage on the planet (after water) Coffee has spent years playing the role of the villain. "Oh, it's so awful," so many used to proclaim. "It raises your blood pressure, stains your teeth, and causes acid reflux disease!" But is it true? Is coffee really all that bad...

Replace that open bin ice maker—it's a health hazard! Getting an ice maker installed in your workplace is a great opportunity to be environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint. It's also one of the most overlooked but most important pieces of a your office breakroom supplies.

A single five-gallon bottle of water weighs 42 pounds. Every time your water dispenser runs empty, someone has to struggle with that big heavy bottle into the air, turn it upside down and get it into the machine without spilling it all over the floor. Can you do it? How about your fellow workers?...

Which should you choose? Well, how does your office work? Offices are set up differently depending on the job being done. There are extreme cases where every single person is doing a discrete job and they do not interact with other people. That might include some extreme examples like a Call...
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