Many Colorado employers are exploring the benefits of bottleless water dispensers in the breakrooms of their businesses. Front range businesses know just how important it is to have clear, refreshing drinking water as a part of their daily lives at work.

Whether it be a refreshing drink in the breakroom, catching up with coworkers, or grabbing a quick drink to stay hydrated and focused, drinking water is essential. Is it time for your business to replace its bottled water cooler? Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

Based on the needs of your office you may want to consider the switch from a bottled water cooler to a bottleless water dispenser. If you are supplying drinking water for a large staff of employees, having access to an endless supply of fresh, filtered water through a bottleless water cooler system could save you space, hassle, and money.

The pros of bottleless water dispensers

We provide office breakroom and beverage services to hundreds of Colorado businesses across the state. There is a growing trend across the state for businesses to switch to bottleless water dispensers, also known as point-of-use water coolers. As attention to lowering company costs and ease of maintenance has increased, we have seen bottleless water coolers find a home in many Colorado Springs business breakrooms.

Here are some of the reasons Colorado businesses are switching to bottleless water dispensers.


Bottleless is expensive up front compared to bottled water coolers. Over the long run, the cost can be lower since there aren’t recurring drinking water refill and delivery fees every week or so.  Bottleless water dispensers are best suited for Colorado businesses looking for a long-term solution.

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Environmental friendly

Colorado businesses tend to be environmentally conscious. So business owners appreciate that bottleless water dispensers are environmentally friendly. Using bottleless water coolers in breakrooms reduces the use of plastic. No more bulky bottles to deliver, clean, refurbish and recycle.


Our customers love that bottleless water coolers are convenient. You don’t have to deal with hefting around large 5-gallon plastic bottles.  Using the plumbing system of the company building to supply your office drinking water also means you won’t have to adjust the supply of water to meet the growing size of your business. The drinking water supply is virtually endless!

Low Maintenance

Bottleless water coolers are simple to maintain.  In fact, there is practically no maintenance required on the part of the business.  Occasional wiping to keep clean is about all that is required. Occasionally the filter must be changed which is fairly simple, but we handle that as part of our service fee.

No Storage of Bulky Bottles

Bottleless water dispensers take up very little space and don’t require the business to store bulky 5-gallon drinking water bottles. Too many business owners this is the single biggest benefit. Bottleless coolers have a very small footprint and fit easily in most breakrooms.   If floor space is an issue we offer countertop bottleless dispensers as well.

The cons of bottleless water dispensers

High upfront cost

Bottleless water dispensers are significantly more expensive to purchase than a bottled water dispenser.  Add to this the cost of installation which requires a plumber. Depending on the proximity of the water supply, installation can cost several hundred dollars or more.

If you have a large working space such as a manufacturing floor, installing bottleless water dispensers in convenient locations could be cost prohibitive just due to the plumbing expense.

Connecting to a water supply may be cost-prohibitive

Another con that may impact businesses is that bottleless water coolers have limited placement in the office since it has to connect to the water supply of the building. The current setup of the business and its breakrooms may not lend itself to making the change to a bottleless water cooler that needs access to the plumbing of the building.


One other fact to be aware of as you weigh the options on a water cooler for your business is that bottleless water coolers are often noisier than bottled water dispensers due to electricity running to heat and cool the water.  This is a minor con as the noise level is very low.


If your business has the upfront cost to make the switch to saving money over the long term, as well as easy access to the plumbing, and is environmentally conscious, this is the way for you to go with updating your breakrooms.

Clean, fresh tasting on-demand drinking water contributes to employee happiness and retention.

Is a bottleless water dispenser right for your office?

We have hundreds of Colorado business customers that love their bottleless water dispenser.  We also have hundreds of customers that love their bottled water coolers.

If you want to find out which office water solution is best for your business then give us a call to speak with one of our office beverage consultants.

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