Coffee Break Blog - Ideas for Awesome Break Rooms

Studies shows that an awesome office break room can have many benefits including increased employee productivity, moral and retention.

Productivity in the Office

A single five-gallon bottle of water weighs 42 pounds. Every time your water dispenser runs empty, someone has to struggle with that big heavy bottle into the air, turn it upside down and get it into the machine without spilling it all over the floor. Can you do it? How about your fellow workers?...
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Whether we're in the office or at home, we all need the proper amount of hydration in our bodies. Despite what non-experts say, we do not need 2 liters (64 ounces) of water every day (the 8 Ă— 8 rule), and we do not need to drink before we are thirsty. Our bodies have evolved a fantastic system for...
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