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Entering the lunchroom to get a cold beverage you find the machine vends warm soda. You go to the ice bin but when you open the lid you find it packed with bottles, cans, and four lunch bags. There's not even room for the scoop. You suddenly lose all interest in the ice that apparently every employee has been handling. You sadly drink your warm and too-fizzy cola before returning to work.


ice machines for offices Colorado Springs

Bin-style ice dispensing systems are antiques. You couldn't design a better method of cross-contamination if you tried. The same scoop held by dozens of different unwashed hands offers no protection. And that is provided that people even bother with a scoop rather than dragging their containers through the ice itself.

If one person picks up a cold from their child, does it rage through your entire company like a pandemic? Get rid of that ice-bin and you've won a major battle against bacteria. 

Follett Ice Makers

follett ice machines colorado springsOur modern, sleek and sanitary Follett Ice Makers and Water Dispensers are the perfect answer. They are power-wise, energy-efficient, and they're designed to kill bacteria on contact. Their surfaces are infused with Ionic Silver, the same method used on examination tables by doctors and hospitals to make sure that germs are not transferred between patients.

More importantly, nobody ever makes contact with the ice until it is dispensed. Our machine makes the highly-desirable and soft Chewblet® ice nugget (for those that like to munch it when the beverage is finished) at a rate of up to 100 pounds per day. It maintains 7 pounds in storage at any given time and can handle an environment with up to 30 people. It requires no drain, possessing a 20 ounce tray that will notify you when it's full, so the unit can be placed virtually anywhere.

Beam Water Filtration colorado springsBeam & WellSYS Water Systems

Tired of the massive 42 pound, 5 gallon bottles of water? They are heavy; they are expensive; you can always count on them to make a mess of some description. Whether it's spillage, or simply having the replacements and the "empties" blocking aisles or impeding foot traffic, they've really outlived their usefulness.

You might actually be surprised to learn that the quality of some city water is superior to some bottled water. Even if your local water isn't perfect, it can be by using one of our water filtration systems. The WellSYS line uses nine different filtering stages to remove all the impurities. As one of the final stages before dispensing the purified water it actually remineralizes the water to maximize its health benefits.

What about Coffee?

 colorado springs office coffee machinesAh yes, the elixir of life! People say that human beings are Nature's way of turning coffee into productive work. Our office certainly wouldn't run without coffee.

And now it's easier than ever for you. Our newest brewer, which we call the Coffee Perfection Machine, is absolutely hygienic. It creates an espresso or flawless cappuccinos and lattes with a touch of a single button. It even possesses an automatic capsule handling system so you never have to touch it after it has been used.

Select whether you want an espresso, latte, or cappuccino, put your cup in place, and stand back as it creates Coffee Perfection, automatically. The best part however is that the machine itself is free when you set up an auto delivery of our premium Cagliari espresso capsules.

Need a different system? There is nothing to worry about! We have coffee machines in a variety of styles that will suit you perfectly.

How does it work?

There are three choices available with all of our equipment. You can purchase the unit outright, and our skilled technicians will arrive in your office, complete the installation, and provide you with a detailed service and maintenance plan. Naturally our technicians will always be available for ongoing service and support. We can even offer financing O.A.C.

The second option, Rent- or Lease -To-Own, is a popular choice with nationwide financing available. Again, our technicians will deliver and install your new ice machine, coffee brewer, or water cooler, and provide Maintenance or Service as required.

The third option is a direct rental that might be more suited to your particular business model. At the present time it includes the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming, but feel free to consult with us as this may change.

Give us a call today at (719) 633-6887 and let's get you cleaner, healthier water, coffee, and ice! It's also a great opportunity to be environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint. Do you have questions? Drop us a line at our e-mail address! We would love to hear from you.


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