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Every business, regardless of its size, has a break room, a place where employees can retreat and take a few minutes away from their desks to recharge. There are many essentials to a break room, one of them being an ice and water dispenser. Water is important to our health and wellness, and having the right ice and water dispenser in your office break room is a wise investment.

A perfectly designed, revolutionary ice machine and water dispenser – available for your home or office!

Do you need to give the break room of your business area a feature which everyone will enjoy? Do you want real refreshment in both your drink and office areas?

Well, here it is. The modern and sleek Follet Ice Machine – producing ice at its best.

The truth is, your colleagues and team members do have the need for a retreat. And in the hot summer days, having a cold beverage is pure refreshment in any scenario. That is why this revolutionary ice machines is a wise investment to have in your office. The Ice Machine brand comes in two designs – 7 series and 15 series, made for small and large offices or your homes. Being portable and hi-tech, our ice machines are easy for every worker to use. Without a drain needed, the ice machine uses water from your storage bin, without cycling it all around!

Hygienic and sleek, this ice maker does not allow direct contact with ice and blends in amazingly in any office area. Whether you choose the 7 series or the 15 series, you will surely feel the difference in efficiency – unlike ever before!

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