Office Coffee Machines and Coffee Brewer

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Coffee Perfection at the Touch of a Button

Stylish and attractive, our contemporary machines are simple to use and mess free. Best of all, they’re FREE with auto delivery of gourmet Cagliari espresso capsules.

  • SIMPLE: Make perfect coffee anytime. Rapid preheating and high pressure brewing.
  • FAST: Enjoy rich, creamy espresso in seconds. Café-quality steam wand.
  • DELICIOUS: Create flawless cappuccinos and lattes. Automatic capsule-handling system.
  • EASY: Craft immaculate

Office Coffee Machine – The taste of amazing coffee at its best!

Do you want to simplify your life by getting your morning coffee with just a single touch? Now, the Coffee Perfection unit is here, and it’s better than ever.

With a sleek design and amazing performance, our contemporary coffee machines are one of the simplest appliances to be used and absolutely hygienic – which means there will be no mess when you make your coffee and no mess afterwards. And we haven’t gotten to the best part yet…

The Coffee Perfection brewing machines come FREE with an auto delivery of the premium Cagliari espresso capsules. So, in three words, they are simple, fast and delicious!

The simplicity of these machines allows a perfect coffee every time, with all the advanced options as preheating and high pressure brewing. You can smell the rich taste of Italian coffee – a creamy espresso in just a few seconds. With a steam wand designed to excel in making cappuccinos, lattes and espressos, crafting has gotten to a point where it is immaculate in a top-notch machine which will fit in your kitchen or workplace perfectly.

Colorado Pure offers office coffee machines in a variety of styles. For more information, call us at 719-633-6887!


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